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Sergey Samsonov

Research Interests

I am studying ground deformation and derive various geophysical parameters that describe forces causing these deformation. For these purposes I use Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) and Global Positioning System (GPS). InSAR produces interferograms that map ground deformation with sub-centimeter accuracy and high spatial resolution (1-100 m) over a large area (about 100×100 km). With InSAR it is possible to access remote regions that are inaccessible by ground surveys, it is usually an inexpensive solution in comparison with ground measurements. GPS, on the other side, is an expensive tool, however it is extremely reliable. With continuous or campaign GPS it is possible to measure ground movements with millimeter accuracy. However, these measurement are limited to a GPS site location. By combing InSAR and GPS the dense temporal and spatial coverage is achieved, which is required for accurate estimations of various geophysical parameters.

My first research projects at the University of Western Ontario was the development of a technique for combining InSAR and GPS data, I then applied this technique to southern California and produce three dimensional ground deformation map for Los Angeles Basin and the Salton Sea regions. During my stay in New Zealand with the GNS Science I mapped ground deformation at the Auckland Volcanic Field and the Taupo Volcanic Zone. Most of this work is still in progress, however, some initial results have been published. After coming back to UWO I worked on a new technique that studies polarimetric properties of SAR data for selection of persistent scatterers that preserve their phase over a long period of time and, therefore, can be used for deformation mapping. The initial tests of this technique applied to northern California along Hayward Fault region are promising. Presently, I am the FNR funded postdoctoral fellow at the European Center for Geodynamics and Seismology studying various processes causing ground motion in Luxembourg, Africa, Canaries and some other regions world-wide.

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