European Center for Geodynamics and Seismology (ECGS) | Centre Européen de Géodynamique et de Séismologie (CEGS)

ECGS foundation

The ECGS was created in Luxembourg on June 13th, 1988 ( as published in the Memorial “C” N.41- February 15, 1989, pp 1936-1938) in accord with the Accord Partiel Ouvert (APO) established by Governments from the States Member of the European Council.

This APO, concerning prevention, protection and assistance organization against technological and major natural risks (Agreement EUR-OPA on Major Risks) has passed the Resolution (87) 2 from the 2nd of March 1987, in which European Community Commission and the UNESCO, the Health World Organization and the Humanitary Affairs Department from the United Nations took part.

On May 17th, 1994, a Convention was signed in-between ECGS and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, defining the following tasks for which the ECGS will be supported:

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg provides annual support to:

The ECGS structure

Administrative council 2017-2020

Secretary General:

Scientific Council 2016-2019


Administrative and Social Address

Musée National d’Histoire Naturelle, Luxembourg
1A, rue Plaetis
L-2338 Luxembourg
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg / Europe

ECGS Office

European Center for Geodynamics and Seismology (ECGS)
19, rue Josy Welter
L-7256 Walferdange
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg / Europe
Tel: +352 331487-1
Fax: +352 331487-88

ECGS Annual Reports

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