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Benoît Smets

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I am geologist specialized in geo-hazard assessment and management. From 2007 to 2011, I worked as junior scientist at the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Belgium, where I have acquired a 5-years field experience in central Africa and especially in the Virunga Volcanic Province (VVP). My research is mainly focused on the combined use of 2D/3D remote sensing, GIS and field surveys to study and monitor volcanic activity and related hazards in the VVP.

I am currently developing a PhD research funded by the National Research Fund of Luxembourg (AFR Grant n°3221321) under the supervision of Dr. Nicolas d’Oreye (European Center for Geodynamics & Seismology, Luxembourg), Prof. M. Kervyn (VUB, Belgium) and Dr. François Kervyn (Royal Museum for Central Africa, Belgium), entitled: “Dynamics of volcanic activity and lava flow hazard of Nyiragongo volcano (North Kivu, DR Congo) studied by means of remote sensing, ground-based monitoring and numerical modeling”.


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A total of 27 presentations in several international scientific conferences since 2007.